My shops are all about personalization and giving something extraordinary. Custom gifts and products are more popular than ever. In a world with so many brands it’s wonderful to be able to give someone that ‘exclusive something’ with their name or special message on it. It’s the ability to give a lasting memory.

My range and characters are ever-expanding, and I’ve opened online shops for both South African and United States customers. Both countries’ customers can order and receive their personalized gifts and products FAST without Customs hold-ups.

Every single character and design is created by me personally, so customers can know that a lot of love and fun went into producing these versatile products!

I’m also proud to say that a percentage of my African Spirit Series are donated towards Wildlife Conservation. The protection of our Rhino and all wildlife is a passionate drive, and one I wish for to share with even more people!

For my American customers, you can visit my Etsy shop to browse and choose your favourite designs and gifts, as well as view US-only products here: