My name is Jeanine Henning. I’m a Book Cover Designer, Children’s Book Illustrator, Writer, and Brand Strategist.

I also accept private commissions and particularly enjoy character development.

A flashback about my professional journey:

25 years ago, I started my career as a Conceptual Designer for an Xbox and Playstation game development studio. I designed my way up the ranks to reach Creative Director, and soon after Art Director where I literally created worlds, universes and the characters that populate them.

After a few years I branched out into the world of comics, publishing, product design, marketing, and branding. In my career I’ve literally designed hundreds of characters, worlds, and book covers!

I channel all my experience with media and apply these abilities to my clients’ books, characters, and brands as to produce relevant products ready to compete with an enormously competitive market.

If you have any questions or inquiries just pop on over to my Contact Page to catch me on the social media trail, and of course, my email address.

Thank you for visiting my site!

~ Jeanine


“Jeanine Henning is one of the most talented illustrators due to her wonderful personal character and ability to share her soul through visual language. The connection between her, the ink and the writer's mind is the most spectacular process I have seen from an artist.  With Jeanine on your team, any day is a fabulous good day!”

“Jeanine Henning is at the leading edge of her profession. She can truly bring any design to life. Jeanine’ full range of abilities and natural talent make her an asset to any team, no matter how big or small that team may be. Her abilities never stop expanding, which means the consumer receives top grade quality and service. Jeanine’ dedication, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction makes her my #1 choice for any kind of illustration needed. See more of Jeanine's work @shaundgibson"


“Working with Jeanine is an amazing experience. She absolutely gets my characters, to the point it’s almost like she’s in their heads. She always asks the right questions to draw out an extra layer of information that impacts the final product in subtle and amazing ways. She’s absolutely, completely reliable and a lot of fun to work with.

She approaches each illustration and cover design with a true enthusiasm for the work and continually amazes me with her talent. She’s brought my characters to life in ways even I hadn’t imagined and now when I write their continuing stories, the images she created to go with those stories are the ones in my head. Now when my characters speak with me, they’re in colour and full of the vibrant life Jeanine gave them. She’s created both B&W and colour illustrations for me and I honestly can’t say which I love more because no matter what she’s creating for me, the effect is absolutely amazing. In fact, her B&W images are shaded so perfectly, they provide an overall effect of being in colour, even when they’re not. Textures, lighting, all of it comes through in her illustrations, bringing each character and each scene to incredible life.

I feel as if I won the lottery when I connected with Jeanine and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. She’s truly the best at what she does and my Tyrabbisaurus Rex series and my Shifter High series wouldn’t be what they are today without her amazing talent and dedication. I honestly can’t say enough here, so I’ll just finish by saying that I have endless respect for Jeanine and her talent, and would give her my absolute highest recommendation.” 

"Jeanine is a fantastic collaborator and talented artist who not only brings amazing skills to her illustrations, but also captures the essential emotions of the story - from the precious innocence of a children's book to the fury and bad-assery of a fantasy revenge tale. I highly recommend her!"

“I found Jen on Twitter and one look at her work told me I HAD to work with her to get my series of new adult books off the ground. That was five book covers ago and each one has been eye-poppingly awesome… dare I say better than the last?! Jen has helped me build my name and brand as an indie author which has been invaluable in what feels like an ocean of competition.

Thanks to Jen my book covers practically scream off the screen and I’m sure my success on Kindle so far has been in a large part down to Jen’s incredible eye for design, colour and detail in creating covers that draw you in and tell a story without even opening the book! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next as every brief I give her ends up in a cover that’s 100 times better than I dreamed!

Huge thanks to Jen and her talents for the boost my books needed to truly come to life! Can’t wait for her to design my movie posters (well we can dream, can’t we?)”

“I’ve now worked with Jeanine on six book covers (which says a lot in itself!), and each time the experience has been extremely positive. Jeanine takes care to find out what you want your cover to convey, and on all occasions her work has surpassed my expectations! I’ve had great feedback on the new covers, which have not only helped my novels stand out from the crowd and look professional – they’ve also helped to develop my brand, through careful thought about how the covers work together. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Jeanine for any independent author wanting to take their work to a new level, and I’ll certainly be coming back for more!”

“Writing has always been a dream of mine. After consulting with Jeanine about illustrating my book, I felt confident that I made the right choice. From the very beginning, she was courteous, and sincere. She let me know what was going on every step of the way, and was always quick to respond to any questions I had, in a kind, informative manner.  The illustrations are phenomenal, and seeing my characters come to life was surreal to me. It was such a joy to work with her, and I look forward to working with her on my second book! Thanks Jeanine for helping to make my dream come true!”

"It is a privilege to work with Jeanine Henning. She is creative, enthusiastic, and sincere. Because of these attributes, I can concentrate on writing instead of stressing over a cover design!"

>“Jeanine was an absolute pleasure to work with.  I engaged her to do the book covers for the first three titles in my Twisted Oak Amateur Detectives series for middle grade children.  Not only did I need illustrations for the setting for each of the book covers, I needed Jeanine to actually create the illustrations for each of the five principal characters in the stories, two girls and three boys, one of whom is wheelchair-bound.

Jeanine was extremely effective at getting an understanding of what I sought without making it burdensome.  A simple questionnaire got us going and very soon after, Jeanine started sending me the first drafts of each of the characters.  Right from the start, I loved how she was shaping them.  It was exhilarating to see my characters come to life in Jeanine’s hands.  She even handled the difficult ones with seeming ease.

Beyond creating the characters, Jeanine came up with the concepts for each of the three covers.  As we talked through ideas, she provided great insight regarding why some would or wouldn’t work based on her wealth of experience.  She understands how best to use the limited space on the cover, particularly in a world where covers need to be compelling even at a thumbnail size.  I’m thrilled to say that each of the covers complements the others.  The theme Jeanine created conveys that the books are part of a series, yet each cover is sufficiently different to stand on its own.

Jeanine’s turnaround time was very fast and she is an excellent communicator.  I never had to wonder where she was in the creative process or when I’d be hearing from her next.  She accepted feedback and modification requests with ease and never made me feel as if I were asking too much.

In short, I recommend Jeanine without hesitation and I can’t wait to work with her again when I roll out additional books in the series.”