Right from the start of a new book’s journey, authors must ask themselves: when a consumer is browsing online or in a shop, what is the first thing they will see?

The COVER. Not the story, not the ingenious twists, not the brilliant narration – the COVER.

Next question should be, “How will my book stand out? How will buyers see my cover?”

The design process is not just about slapping purchased images together. It’s about understanding the author’s vision, the book’s essence – and getting inside the mind of consumers and figuring out how to capture their attention on your cover.

I approach each cover – no matter genre or budget – as a unique design and piece of art. And, for every step of the way, my clients are informed as to their cover’s progress with regular updates as to share their cover design’s journey with them.

The first step in the journey is to email me, and from there, I guide my clients all the way through the process. Whether they’re experienced authors, or brand new to the industry, each book is different and exciting to work on.

JH Book Cover Design packages include:

  • KDP full print and eBook cover
  • Ingram Spark full print and eBook cover
  • Other eBook cover formats include
    • Nook
    • Smashwords
    • iPad
    • Audio
    • any other required publishing/distribution platform
  • I supply extra promotional versions of the cover for
    • Posters and print
    • Social media
    • and a special Instagram version of the cover
  • Book/series/author branding (this includes series logos where applicable)
  • General rates vary from $200 - $550. Email me with your cover requirements and budget, as I aim to create bespoke packages and designs for all authors and publishers