You’re ready to publish your book, but have you asked yourself: HOW will MY book attract the buyer’s attention among thousands of other books?

The COVER attracts a buyer’s attention BEFORE the story does.

  • A successful design process is not just about slapping images together or asking AI to create a generic piece.
  • The proper book cover method is about understanding the author’s vision, the book’s essence – and getting inside the mind of consumers.
  • I approach each cover as a unique design and piece of art. It’s the human imagination that matters, not generic AI that creates something similar for hundreds of authors.
  • The first step in your cover journey is to email me, and from there, I guide you all the way through the process.
  • Whether you’re an experienced author, or brand new, each book is different and exciting to work on!

JH Book Cover Design packages include:

  • KDP full print and eBook cover
  • Ingram Spark full print and eBook cover
  • Other eBook cover formats include:
    • Nook
    • iPad
    • Audio
    • any other required publishing/distribution platform
  • I supply extra promotional versions of the cover for
    • 3D Mock-Up
    • Facebook banner
    • Instagram
    • IG Reel/ TikTok design
    • Posters and print
  • Book/series/author branding (this includes series logos where applicable)

Email me with your cover requirements and budget, as I aim to create bespoke packages and designs for all authors and publishers.