As introduction I’ll quote an author client of mine, “Jeanine believes that the ‘traditional creative magic’ between author and artist is the secret ingredient to a successful children’s book. Based on the amount of awards her clients’ books are winning (and Jeanine herself) – this approach is proven to be true.”

Every new book and its characters are exciting to work on! I take my clients along for the ride on the creative journey starting with:

  • Character description sheets
  • Scene direction and layout
  • Character concepts (sketches)
  • Final sketches
  • Inks
  • Final coloured illustrations

JH Illustrations & Illustrated Cover packages include:

  • Full print and eBook cover formats
  • Colour and B&W illustrations
  • Character concepts
  • Character, author, and series branding (this includes series logos where applicable)

Email me with your requirements as each illustrated project is unique!